Design & Typography

Inspired by the term book-jacket, the covers are literally based on textile patterns. Houndstooth, glencheck, tartan, herringbone, gingham, polka dots, each jacket represents the content by which the story is told. Our books are printed by hand on Gmund Cotton paper in two colors, celebrating rather than hiding the imperfections inherent in the manual process.

Erik Spiekermann is one of the world’s most renowned typeface designers. His fonts and designs are ubiquitous. For the TOC books, he employs classic book fonts, reimagined and expanded by emerging typeface designers. This approach infuses the text with a fresh perspective, tailored to the content, while exploring the potential of digital design and contemporary typography. In a brief afterword for each book, Spiekermann elucidates his font choice, highlighting its unique qualities and how it underscores the text’s core message.


We are honored to have received four international awards for TOC and that our work is being recognized in detail.


  • Wallpaper Smartest Craft 2023
  • Print Award 2023
  • German Design Award 2022
  • Best German Book Design 2021