The Design

Inspired by the term book-jacket, the covers are based on textile patterns like houndstooth, glencheck, tartan, herringbone, gingham, et al. They will be printed by hand on Gmund Cotton paper in two colors, celebrating rather than hiding imperfections inherent in the manual process.

Our first edition, TOC 1 has 14 exclusive illustrations by Erik Spiekermann. Typeset in William Text by Maria Doreuli and FF Real by Erik Spiekermann.

It has sewn and glued binding, and is printed in a combination of offset for the red color and traditional letterpress for black text on 90gsm Schleipen Werkdruck paper. Colored endpapers. Linen Cover. Colored head band and reading ribbon.

In a limited edition of 998 copies printed in Berlin, numbered and signed by the author.