Elizabeth Kolbert | The Sixth Extinction | Pulitzer Prize Winner

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No. 1 on the Guardian list „100 best nonfiction books of all time“

Awarded with the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in non-fiction  "The Sixth Extinction" is an adventurous and sensible exploration and profoundly challenges our thinking about the relationship between humans and nature. 

Our Choice

For the book jacket TOC art director Susanna Dulkinys sat down to express what we considered the lesson Elizabeth Kolbert wants to get across. Each element of the pattern is a life form in all its perfection, but underneath, in acid green color, these characters are distorted and exploded, representing change and destruction. Inside the pattern repeat randomly on full pages, printed letterpress. 

The typeface is FF Hertz, named after Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist, who proved the existence of electromagnetic waves. FF Hertz is a uni-width typeface, meaning that each letter occupies the same width in all weights. If you change the weight of a word or a whole line, the text will not reflow. We particularly like the figures: they remind us of our 70’s typewriters. For titles, chapter headings and other places requiring a louder voice, we picked a typeface by a good friend, Christoph Koeberlin, who describes his Fabrikat thus: “It is a geometric typeface which is based on 20th century German engineers’ typefaces. Due to its constructed architecture it works well in headlines and other display use.” 

About the Author

Elizabeth Kolbert, born 1961, gratuated from Yale in literature and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in Hamburg, Germany. She is a staff writer at The New Yorker since 1999.  She is the editor of The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2009.  Kolbert lives in Williamstown, Massachusetts,  with her husband and children. For her work she has received several awards, among them two National Magazine Awards, SEAL Enviromental Journalism Award and the  Blake-Dodd Prize from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. 

It is signed by Elizabeth Kolbert and the edition is limited to 998 copies. 

About the Production and Materials

Letterpress printing: Die Lettertypen Berlin
on a 1954 Original Heidelberg Cylinder
Book jacket printed on Gmund Cotton
Binding & finishing at Buchbinderei Müller, Leipzig
Paper: 90g Schleipen Werkdruck 
Endpapers: Peyer Surbalin Linea 
Cover linen: Schabert Brillianta
Set in FF
 Hertz by Jens Kutilek plus FABRIKAT by Christoph Köberlin 
Printed in Germany 
ISBN 978-3-949164-05-7